How to create An Academic Survey With Formsure

It is a better option for collecting surveys from people and conducting exams in schools.

How to create An Academic Survey With Formsure - Formsure

Formsure is an easy way to build online academic forms, that allows you to create surveys, quizzes and exams. It is very user friendly ,we can create forms with our expectations and logic. I had a better experience with Formsure platform because it helps to gather information from pupils.

1. Sign up

We can create an account in Formsure by using valid name, e-mail id and password. After this a confirmation mail send to our e-mail, then it redirected to our account page.Here I created academic feedback form for collecting feedback from students about academic details.


2. Create your form

From the account page we have an option to create a form.


  • Click on the Create Form button on the top-right side of the page and give your form a name. enter image description here
  • It redirect to the editor page. Editor page contains different fields (short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, file upload, dropdown etc..) for creating forms and also the widget option.
  • Here I used only drop down, short answer and yes/no field.
  • The form saved automatically.It contain an option to make all field required and there is an option for delete questions in the form.

3. Add a theme

we can add different attractive themes into our form and settings page contain an option to delete the form. formsure-step-3

4. Publish

After creating the form then we can publish the form, you can click publish on the top right corner Publish button.

5. Share your form

Share the link of created form by using the share option on the top menu through social media . formsure-step-3

6. Submission

We can collect the submission history from the submission option on the top menu and an option to take print.


Formsure Features

  • Formsure allows you to ask both open-ended and closed-ended questions.
  • Apply validation option to control data entry.
  • Create professional looking forms using themes.
  • You can also collect payments for your events .
  • Automatic saving.

In this current situation it is useful for both private and government sector. Formsure is a great way for a business to obtain customer insight. It helps to save time, so it enhances the production in business sector. In my experience Formsure is better platform for creating various kinds of forms using different features.

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