How to create a Customer Satisfaction survey

How to create a Customer Satisfaction survey using Formsure From builder

How to create a Customer Satisfaction survey - Formsure

Formsure is a best platform for making online forms. One of the most attractive features of “Formsure” is its user friendly interface. We can create attractive forms for surveys, quizzes, and exams. I felt a better experience after using the “Formsure” platform. In this covid pandemic situation, it is a better option for collecting surveys from people and conducting exams in schools. We can create an account in “Formsure” by providing limited information. I created a Customer Satisfaction Form by using “Formsure”. I made this form with my plannings by using the different features provided by Formsure. I have created this form through the following steps.


First create an account in “Formsure” by providing name, e-mail, and password. After this, a conformation mail send to our e-mail. Then it redirected to our account page.



From our account page there is an option to create forms, from there we can create our forms by giving a unique form name. Then select the category of form and click the save and continue button. formsure-step-2


Then we can create an attractive form by using the “Formsure” editor. This editor provide different features to create any types of forms.Editor contain all types of fields for making any kind of forms. I used dropdown, short answer field, and yes or no field to make my form. There is an option to make all fields required.



We can add different attractive themes in to our form. Add button background, button hover, and text color in to my form. formsure-step-4


From settings page, add description , tags, and form closure. This settings page contain option to delete the created form. formsure-step-5


After creating our form there is an option to publish the form. Using that button we can publish our form. This is on the right top of the form editor.


It contain an option to share the link of our form through different options like e-mail, facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc. From this page we can create dynamic links and we get the embed code from here.



From the submission history option we can collect submission details and an option to take print of this history. The forms that we created are displayed in our account page.


We can overcome the difficulty of making paper forms through this “Formsure” platform. Still some government organizations are using paper forms for collecting survey results. It is very difficult for collecting paper surveys and it is very time consuming. This paper surveys are not keep for a long period of time. Formsure is the better option to overcome this situations. It is useful for conducting exams and quizzes in educational institutions. Most prominent feature of “Formsure” is its user friendly interface. Anyone with minimum technical knowledge can easily use this platform for their own purposes. Formsure also have 100+ Free form template for a quick start.

I used this platform at first time, but i got a better experience with this. At the first use, I understood each and everything in the “Formsure”. Without any difficulty we can make and manage meaningful forms and easily collect the submission details. Any type of forms can be created by using “Formsure” because it contain all types of fields. Now a days this “Formsure” platform is very useful for almost all organizations.

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