How to create a free survey with formsure

Formsure provide a fast way to create an online survey, with responses collected in a spreadsheet

How to create a free survey with formsure - Formsure

Formsure, the most powerful form builder offers a free way to create your survey and invite respondents by email. People answer your questions from almost any web browser - including mobile smartphone and tablet browsers. Exactly like Google Forms

1. Sign up to Formsure

The first step is to sign up to Formsure, if you haven’t already. Signing up is free and you can type in your email address and you are all set. Sign up to Formsure


2. Create your form

Creating a form is very easy with Formsure, Click on the Create Form button on the top-right side of the page and give your form a name. You will be taken to form editor page.

Create your form

3. Add fields

Add the required fields on your survey by dragging and dropping each element from the left side as shown in figure. Add fields

Please checkout the docs to know more about available field types.

3.1 Added fields

Here i have added 2 fields

  1. Short answer
  2. Email

You can go ahead and make them required, if you want to. fields

4. Add a theme (optional)

If you want to add a nice theme to match your website where you are planning to embed this survey, you can navigate to theme tab from the left menu. form theme

5. Publish

Once you are satisfied with your survey forms theme and settings you can click publish on the top right corner Publish button. After you click publish you will have a link to see your public form.

6. Share your form

Now navigate the Share page from the top-menu you can copy the form link and send to your prospects. You can also share the form in social media to get more visibility if you prefer.

form share

The form you just created will look like the following

I have disabled the submission because i am not expecting this form to be able to use in actual survey. You can disable/enable that from settings

Well done.

You have just published your form with Formsure, congratulations.

More can be done with Formsure

  • Formsure Forms can also be embedded, which means you can use a Formsure Form on your website.
  • Use a form to conduct a survey after a Google+ Hangout or event, since a Formsure Form can be shared on Google+.
  • Formsure Forms makes online surveys simple.
  • Embed in contact us page of a website
  • You can also collect payments for your events

Checkout formsure pricing to know more about the paid features

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