Powerful Features For Better User Engagement

Build engaging interactive surveys, polls and quizzes without the need for a developer

Easy Drag & Drop Interface

All you have to do is drag and drop the interactive content wherever you need it. It is so easy that anyone can do it.

Automatic Saving

Every change made on the form using the content editor is automatically saved.

Device-Specific Preview

Preview your form content on any device – PC, tablet, or mobile or smartphone – and optimize.

Complete Customization

You don’t need the services of a developer. You can build stunning content that matches your website’s look and feel.

Multiple Choice Question

Formsure allows you to include multiple functions set single-answer and multiple answer questions as required, define the right answer, and provide instant feedback to the respondent.


Pick the size, shape and number of rating elements from a collection and set them as required on your survey form.

Free Text Input

Input single-line or block text, replace placeholder text with questions of your choice, and use the ‘Set’ option to accept only numbers.

File Upload

Users can upload their files easily by using the drag and drop facility. Option to limit the number, size, and type of user file is available.

Collect Payments

Link PayPal, Stripe, GooglePay account to collect one-time or subscription payment via secure gateways.

The most powerful form service is at your fingertips.

Whether you need datepickers, credit-card fields, calculated fields, real-time answer piping, or even multistep forms, we got you covered. Add these features into your form in seconds, its dead simple.

Validating forms

Validating your forms has never been this simple, yet powerful.

Accept data exactly how you want it with our 49 validation rules. You only need to add your rules once and you'll enjoy frontend + backend validation at the same time with virtually no learning curve. Theres nothing else like it, we promise.

Say goodbye to spam submissions.

97.3% of spam is blocked for you, automatically. With an A.I. that is constantly learning and multiple layers of spam protection, all that's left for you to do is sit back and watch the clean submissions come in. Spam is no longer a problem.

no spam submissions

Collect better data and make better decisions

Now you can use Formsure to collect all the information you want by creating no-code surveys, polls and quizzes.

Reduce Risk: Free 14 day trial

The data collection through Formsure is thorough, the approach is refined, and the summary reports are complete in all respects. Formsure’s surveys and polls have helped us to gain peace of mind in knowing that our brand is favored and represented appropriately to our employees as well as the brand ambassadors.


Senior Product Designer