Never write complex onboarding logic ever again.

Key Benefits

Registration or account creation

A quick and easy registration process (including a simple way to opt in to receive messages or notifications and acceptance of your ToC).

Product setup

A step-by-step guide to getting started. This might include an interactive walkthrough of the product, an introduction to key elements of the product, tips on how to maximize value, and an invitation to access additional guides and tutorials.

Ongoing communication

Regular check-ins and follow-ups to ensure customers are getting everything they need from your solution. Provide updates on any news or updates to the product or service.

Personalize the Experience

When and where possible, create a personalized experience for your new customers. Take the time to create a unique homepage for known customers. Personalize your calls to action (CTAs) to drive your onboarding goals. Simple things like, “Try this feature” or “Invite your team” are effective. Personalize the CTAs for expansion, whether it be through product upgrades, cross-sells, or both.

The Welcome communication Email

This is your first correspondence with your new customer, and it needs to be positive. Start by congratulating them for their purchase and thanking them for choosing your company. Show your excitement about having them on board.

Guided Setup Wizard or Tutorial

This is a tutorial to guide your customers through the setup process, step-by-step. Keep it short, but also make it optional. Use a setup wizard when there are multiple steps, or when you are required to follow the steps in a certain order. Otherwise, you can create a guided tutorial.

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The data collection through Formsure is thorough, the approach is refined, and the summary reports are complete in all respects. Formsure’s surveys and polls have helped us to gain peace of mind in knowing that our brand is favored and represented appropriately to our employees as well as the brand ambassadors.


Senior Product Designer