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The exam process is beneficial to the school in regards to assessing where faculties and particular classes need more focus or resources.

Online Exams

At exam time, students become conscious about their exam performance and they do hard work and try to give the best performance. Exams develop logic, and thinking, and help in quick decision-making.


Cognitive psychology strongly suggests that the act of retrieving information directly helps students learn. Frequent quizzes give the teacher an idea of how well the class as a whole grasps the concepts.


The exam evaluates the student’s ability of learning. It is an effective way to analyze the knowledge of students and measure how much they learned while studying, apart from assessing the constraints.

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Choose from a selection of templates, each with best practices built-in designs. Make it your own by adjusting the look and feel to match your branding in our easy-to-use drag and drop editor - without writing code.

Our Key Features

Create beautiful quizzes and Exams

Our free quiz creator allows you to customize your design to align with brand guidelines.

Choose theme colors, change fonts and add images, videos and text to provide more context to questions.

Measure and improve online student experience

The scores for each respondent are calculated automatically. Choose whether to show or hide results upon completion.

Filter quiz takers into segments to identify the strengths and weaknesses of that group.

Fully Custom Look And Functionality

Drill down into the individual responses to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the knowledge of each quiz taker.

Create multiple reports for different views of your data and share access using a URL link, or export your data as an excel spreadsheet or PDF.

For Professionals

Non-technical, collaborative and scalable.

Add images and videos within questions to make your quiz a little exciting and fun for your learners using our online quiz maker for teachers. Issue quiz completion certificates and create personalized results based on the scores of learners that they’ll be willing to share with their fellow learners. This certainly helps boost their morale and competitive spirit.

Score-based result pages

Automate grading and scoring can be used to calculate the total score of a particular student and which in turn can be used to redirect or perform various actions within the platform.

Answer summary emails

On completion of a quiz or exam, you can configure automated email to any email address. This feature is useful for the student and the teacher to get relevant information about the score or any other items.

Automated grading

Automate grading and scoring for the correct answers in the test or quiz that you create using our quiz maker for teachers. Assigning grades and scores beforehand saves you a great deal of time and effort. With this online quiz creator for teachers, you can also grade an essay type question right after it is attempted.

For Educational institutions

Automated Grades & Scores

Every answer comes with an option to assign point values. Give 1 point for a simple question answered correctly, 3 for a complex one, and 0 for answering wrong.

Student Performance Reporting

See individual as well as class performance overtime at a glance. Exportable reports and visualized data charts clearly show you what students struggle with most.

Digital document creation

Turn data into custom applications, acceptance letters, and loan documents that can be delivered to students online.

Secure data sharing

Improve communication and control how information is shared through intuitive routing and logic tools.

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