Artificial intelligence (AI) Enabled Powerful Form Builder Tool

You can use pre-built AI pipelines to crunch your data and get meaningful insights out of it in a single click.

Market research

Several AI-based applications like IBM’s Watson can perform comprehensive research for businesses, completing tasks such as comparing their competitors and producing detailed reports. In the future, these types of tools will use companies’ internal data to provide surprisingly accurate predictions regarding the potential success of new products or services.

AI and Customer service

Probably the chatbot that has generated the greatest commercial value is the AliMe chatbot by Alibaba. It uses a wide variety of different technologies such as voice recognition, semantic understanding and personalized recommendations, and helped Alibaba to reach its record sales of $31 billion on Singles’ Day in 2018.

If your company provides customer service, you should already be creating your first chatbot. Even having a basic rule-based chatbot, which would be pre-programmed to answer about 30 – 40 of your customers’ most frequently asked questions, would be better than having nothing at all.