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Stories & Strategies On User Engagement

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to digitize, these resources can help. Get a guide to digital transformation, learn what digital agility is, and much more.

Customer loyalty Feature release: Embed types

Now you can embed Formsure forms in more interesting ways. You can add form as full page or a chat bubble.

Customer loyalty Customer loyalty surveys

Customer loyalty is important because acquiring new patrons actually costs much more than retaining old ones. When you establish this allegiance to your brand, you’re securing your company’s future. They help your business thrive consistently, so you never have to worry about taking a hit.

Product Feature roll-out - NPS Field

Net Promoter Score is available as a widget. It’s a simpler alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research.

Product How Formsure can be used in Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations?

Government and NGO can conduct polls for the comparison of different action plans and former events with the use of drop down and multiple-choice questions available in the interface.

Product How to write effective market research questions?

Simplicity recommended: it is advisable to stay simple, make sure that the questions should be in a language that is understood by the population under study.

Product What is the Best Channel for Customer Surveys?

While customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to capture the brand sentiment, the truth is that like all business processes, they need to be fine-tuned to reach the right customer segment.

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